The Best Male Enhancement Pills Sold In Stores 2022

Did you know that 52% of men between the ages of 40 to 70 experience erectile dysfunction. And what that means is that they are unable to have penetrative intercourse every time they want to. So no wonder there are a number of sexual enhancement pills available on the market or sex pills for men. Try to do these actually work what’s in them. And should you try, we’re gonna delve deep into that.


I do recommend any of these supplements, and I do know that there are people out there who are using them. And I want you to know what you’re putting in your body. Also, I think it’s extremely important to see a physician, to get a diagnosis and be evaluated for your erectile dysfunction. It can be a sign of other really serious problems like heart disease or problems with your blood vessels. It can also help us find other problems like low testosterone. So it’s important to do that. And also we can prescribe you medication that is FDA regulated for erectile function. And there is no such thing as a medication or supplement without side effects. So I know people think that these supplements are all natural and they are, but we don’t know what goes into them. And they all also have side effects. So that’s not a reason to forego seeing a physician.

So I see a lot of guys who come into my office, who’ve tried some sort of gas station pill, some rhino pill, or something over the counter for their erectile dysfunction before they finally come to see me. So before you try anything over the counter, get on the FDA website, they have an entire list of medications that are on the naughty list or on the warning list because they have undeclared ingredients or they have ingredients that are supposed to be taken under the supervision of a physician, like the medications that we prescribe for erectile dysfunction. So please avoid those medications. They are not safe. The biggest issue with all of these supplements is they are not regularly to, by the food and drug administration. So there is no body of governance looking at what ingredients they’re putting on the label and comparing it to what’s actually in the tablet that you’re taking.

So while the ingredients themselves that I’m gonna go over today may be safe for you. It may not be actually what’s in the tablet itself. So you have to be very, very careful. Also some of these are quite costly. I knew back in the day that the cost of medications like sildenafil or tadalafil, which are commonly known as Viagra or the blue pill, were more expensive. And so it was cost prohibitive to get those medications, but now they are available in generic form. So if you see a physician you can get a generic prescription for these medications. And very often there are coupon programs or compounding pharmacies that can give you even better discounts. So it shouldn’t be cost prohibitive to get medications to help with your erections. 

I found some pills that I’m using myself which I’ll link to here at this url right here:

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